Government Relations Group draws from an extensive background at all levels of government, as well as private sector disciplines. As a result we are able to assist our clients by focusing on every aspect of the process. The foundation of Government Relations Group’s success is rooted in our ability and commitment to providing our clients with high quality service and timely information. Among the many public affairs services we provide are direct and indirect advocacy, consensus building, legislative drafting and tracking, preparation of testimony, grassroots outreach, legislative research and analysis, business development, procurement counsel and legislative and regulatory forecasting.


Government Relations Group enjoys strong, trusted relationships with officials at all levels of government, and has earned their respect and gained access to their deliberations. Our relationships run deep throughout Massachusetts, spanning legislators and leadership, committee chairs and committee staff, agency heads and administrators. As a result of these relationships we are able to assist clients in getting their needs and messages right to the desk of the decision-makers. We are able to effectively advance our client’s objectives, whether those objectives are shaping legislation, securing government funding, obtaining approvals, or influencing legislation or regulation.


At Government Relations Group we respect our client’s needs, take our work seriously and produce results. Government Relations Group’s legislative and appropriations work is noteworthy. The firm has secured funding for projects ranging from infrastructure and development to health care and education. Our efforts have generated favorable business opportunities for companies seeking to contract with the Commonwealth, secured critical funding for economic development projects, crafted significant legislative and budgetary initiatives for non-profit entities and ensured positive relations and effective communication with Massachusetts decision makers. We are proud of our results, and are eager to deliver for you.