About Us

Government Relations Group (GRG) is a multifaceted consulting firm providing legislative advocacy, government relations and business development counsel to a wide variety of clients. Specializing in lobbying and advocacy on matters which the legislature, policy-makers and the public have a significant interest, GRG draws from more than 20 years of government experience to offer clients valuable advice and influential support.

At Government Relations Group, we work with clients whose objectives are challenging and whose interests are compelling. Our current client base reflects the range of expertise at the firm. Our diverse client base includes educational organizations, hospitals, non-profit organizations and private business entities. Our strength is the quality of individualized service provided to each client. The combination of experience within these practice areas and broad access at all levels of government means that Government Relations Group delivers results. In short, we open doors which may otherwise remain closed.

Joseph A. Giannino

Joseph A. Giannino is the principal and founder of Government Relations Group. He brings to Government Relations Group over twenty years of service at the local, state legislative and executive levels of government. Before entering the private sector, Joe Giannino spent many years working in government. His background includes serving former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as Legislative Director, and working along side the former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Thomas M. Finneran. Joe also worked as the Director of Government Relations Educator Licensure for the Massachusetts Department of Education. In addition to his work in state government, he was elected to two terms as a Revere, Massachusetts City Councilor-At-Large, served as an elected member of Revere’s School Committee for 6 consecutive years, and is also a licensed Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and School Business Administrator in Massachusetts.

Throughout his career, Joe has established lasting relationships which have led to noteworthy victories on behalf of his clients. Whether it is legislative or regulatory; fiscal or procurement related, Joe Giannino's respect, access and ability to nimbly navigate government is unrivaled.

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